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Whether he’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, or long-time friend, gift shopping for him should never feel like rocket science. He may not be a HGTV kind of guy, or outwardly says he wants to decorate, but when in doubt, remember those Million Dollar Listing episodes probably didn’t go unnoticed. Every guy has a dream condo over looking the skyline with sleek innovations and swanky artwork. So until his big-boy income or sexy-rich cougar grants him this wish, he will just have to make do with your thoughtfulness. Below are some Holiday finds $100 and Under for His Home:

Holiday Gifts For His Home.
With a few 2015 Trend Cast seminars under my belt, I chose a few items that will emerge as 2015 home trends. According to Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Nautically Navy will be resurfacing within the next few months. This trend will be paired with all Navy colored walls, crisp white backsplashes, and clean defined lines. Need help defining the look? Observe some Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfigure, and Ralph Lauren Spring and Summer ad campaigns.
The Accents: Accents are similar to the untold stories he and his friends swore would stay a secret after college. They also describe his thought process; globe represents his want/love for traveling; wall clock and office lamp represents his need to be self-reliant; bar cart and glassware showcases his hospitality and knowledge of alcohol; and the doormat with the funny saying, represents his inner youth and him being a guy’s guy.
Step out of the box and help him create his dream space. Remember home is where the heart is, and if you’d rather him live in a bland white-walled, undecorated nor themed home… YOU deserve to get a lump of coal from Santa.

Round light

Blue area rug

Reed Wilson Design door mat
$50 – nastygal.com

Retro wall clock

Modern globe

Thermal drapery
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